A shiny new 2020-21 committee for all your mountain needs!

President : Lucy Hart

Lucy grew up exploring the highlands with her family and loves being outside in all forms!

Secretary: ‘B’ Carol

B loves to run, climb and giggle at all hours of any day.

Treasurer: Naomi McLeod

Loves a good sea swim and is immensely organasised.  

Meet Sec: Hannah Mortlock

Hannah is a happy, bonnie Scot with some epic hills under her belt.

Safety Officer and Gear Sec: Tom Litchfield

A true Brummie, Tom has worked multiple seasons in the Alps. EPIC. 

Competition captains: Ella Yip and Mars Murdoch

A super skilled and organised duo whose training initiatives shall live strong and prosper!


Social Secs: Owain Taylor and Johnathan Carrotte

Old blood and new, blended to make a perfect cocktail of laughter and fun.


Head wall officer: Mars Murdoch

As above, intensely organised, loves the wall and everyone who uses it!

Publicity officer: Hannah Ramsay

From the deepest darkest depths of England, Hannah loves the hills and is a kick ass artist and housemate.

International Meet Sec: Raphael Busby

Italian blood in his veins, Rapha is a smooth and fun climber.