A brand new 2021-22 committee for all your mountain needs!

President : Bethany ‘B’ Carol

B loves going outside all the time and helping others have fun in the outdoors too!

Secretary: Heather Mack

Heather likes all types of mountaineering, especially a good scramble, and just generally being outdoors! Since joining the club, she’s also done a few great hill runs.

Treasurer: Sara Bennie

Sara is a second year astrophysics student who loves everything to do with the outdoors!

Meet Sec: Hannah Mortlock

Hannah is a lover of hills who studies chemistry, is from Dumfries (SW Scotland) and is incredibly keen to facilitate other people enjoying the hills we love!

Safety Officer: Tom Litchfield

Tom is generally pretty psyched and a master procrastinator. Talk to him about staying safe, the lowest effort sub-honours modules the university runs, gear, why Soreen loaf is unquestionably the greatest food stuff ever invented and why a shark would beat a gorilla in a fight (in or out of water).

Gear Officer: Isobel Findlay

Isobel enjoys climbing, running, scrambling, skiing and walking in the Scottish hills (though she’s not against a wee trip elsewhere occasionally too). She also enjoys some indoor climbing and cragging and she is excited to meet you at the wall or our local climbing spots soon!

Head Wall Officer and Competition Captain: Mars Murdoch

Mars Murdoch started climbing in New Rochelle and has been teaching and competing for four years. He’s excited to help other people find their love of climbing and build confidence on the wall this year!

Competitions Captain: Ella Yip

Ella is a 3rd year at St Andrews studying Chemistry who started climbing in Edinburgh and began going to bouldering and lead competitions to help get over her fears of falling and heights! Competitions push you to try your all but, in general, they tend to have really social and supportive atmospheres.

International Expeditions Officer: James Norton

In the mountains, James sees a life lesson: “life is about choices and consequences.” Wise words!

Social Secretary: Johnathan Carrotte

Johnathan studies physics and has been climbing for the last 2 years. He loves to spend as much time as he can camping and walking in the hills!

Social Secretary: Severin Domela

Severin hails from Liverpool and he’s been hooked on climbing since he was ten. His favourite place to climb is Pabbay and Mingulay in the Outer Hebrides. He’s also loved exploring the coastal path with the club this past year, and seeing total beginners get addicted to climbing on our weekly sessions at Maiden rock. He wants to hold a St Andrews climbing festival bringing together students and locals. Sev can’t wait to meet all the new faces joining us this year, and get back in the hills and on the rocks with you!

Publicity Officer: Oliver Walter

Oliver is a third year who hails from San Francisco, California. Originally beginning with road and mountain biking, he found his love of climbing between Maiden Rock and Avertical World and hasn’t looked back. When he’s not climbing, he’s taking pictures or hiking.

Oliver Walter