BLOGGLE 16-4-2020


This isn’t quite how I imagined this idea would come to fruition: I thought the first post would be about an amazing trip we’d had somewhere, the amazing things we did, the group meal and the games, the poor driving and the music in the car. Alas we are all stuck, learning (hopefully) to find other methods of entertainment and excitement to fill somewhat empty days.

I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am. Surrounded by hills in rural North Wales, I can look out the window and feel better immediately. I’ve been doing a paper round every morning and listening to the birds on my walk down the hill is just the perfect way to start the day. My family isn’t resenting me (yet), we’ve been working in the garden, the kitchen and on huge wall murals to pass the time, with many more wee projects lined up.

One of those was creating a new website, something that has been on the agenda for a while. I think it’s turned out OK so far, I hope it gets a lot of use although I know there are also other platforms. It seemed like a good thing to have all the information, updates and photos in one place rather than spread everywhere like Coronavirus. If you have any suggestions or are better at using WordPress then please tell me!! Even if it’s just a typo, lets aggregate what positive changes we still can.

The idea for this blog isn’t that I write it alone, or even committee members. If you have something you want to write about, share or be thoughtful over then write a few words and send them to the mountaineering email. If you have a photo or two to pimp it up, even better!

But for now, I’ll leave you with a mini anecdote:

Yesterday I saw some woods on the map that followed a stream down it’s valley, with loads of footbridges on the way, so I decided to go and have a look for my Boris Time (daily exercise in my household). I got to the top and it didn’t look much like a path but I dove into the forest anyway. Turns out it was a very very vague semblance of an ancient path and I have come to the conclusion that If you have to climb and/crawl to proceed then maybe it isn’t a ‘path’ anymore. It was, however, an adventure and considering we are very lacking in those at the moment, it felt pretty good to be out getting beaten up and just exploring somewhere I hadn’t before. Plus, some of those bridges did exist and they were really cool!!

Also I kept a few quotes from the AGM so here’s a couple:

Rory: ‘’Songs for gay dogs? Mine could do with that; he’s always getting a hardon for men.’’

Sam: (re the lack of loo roll we are all experiencing):

‘’we can’t just give out moss to every old person we meet on the street.’’

(followed by) ‘’I heard someone say they were drying out their old loo roll to reuse it!’’

Plus, for your entertainment, my sister’s weekly piece of gold: ‘’I should learn to play the fiddle, then teach kids to do it as a job. Then my official occupation can be kiddie fiddler!’’

So with that I bid you adieu and good luck with the next few weeks 😊